TRADING DAYS: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday.  When you bring your clothing and accessories to Fringe & Fray, we will be hand selecting the most desirable items to be resold in exchange for cash or store credit.  This credit is available immediately and is good for anything in our store, whenever you want to use it!  Please call first so we can let you know what we are currently looking for. (509) 720-7116

We take men’s and women’s clothing and accessories.  Sorry, we do not consign, we like to keep things simple.  Choosing cash or store credit is up to you.  *Hint: we give about 40% of our resale value for store credit, or 20% for cash.

We’re more likely to take your items if they are:

  • a current style (a good label helps)
  • a wearable vintage (more than 30 years old)
  • stain free, with no holes or odors
  • in good working order (zippers work, no missing buttons)
  • in season
  • clean

*Hint: we are always on the lookout for boots and designer jeans!

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